Holiday destination Rhineland-Palatinate

Blick auf Kaub am Romantischen Rhein

There is no limit to the attractions of Rhineland-Palatinate for holidaymakers and visitors. With a landscape uniquely defined by wine-making traditions, historic towns, an abundance of heritage sites, idyllic river valleys, breathtaking views of the Eifel, Westerwald, Palatinate and Hunsrück highlands plus outstanding hotels, restaurants and inns, it is difficult do decide just for one destination. Guests who enjoy hiking or cycling, who are interested in wine or who are in need of some rest and recuperation are particularly well catered for.

"Wine tourism" sets the standard

Step by step, the accessible tourism is being integrated in the typical holiday themes of Rhineland-Palatinate. "Wine tourism" for example, has demonstrated how accessibility can be integrated in existing holiday facilities. Here, as in other areas, such as hiking, cycling and health and fitness, plans are in hand to develop holidays which can be enjoyed by every guest.

Weingenuss im WeinReich Rheinland-Pfalz

Wine and food: Rhineland-Palatinate is home to six of Germany's thirteen wine-growing areas. Against a background of outstanding natural beauty, innovative and internationally acclaimed vineyards, historic sights, top-class cultural events and food and drink of renowned quality come together to create an unmistakeable symbiosis that promises just one thing: pure enjoyment of life.
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Rad fahren in Bad Ems, Lahntal

Cycling: In Rhineland-Palatinate, cyclists are cycling heroes. They enjoy the unique surroundings as they ride along picturesque river banks. They pit themselves against the challenges of the mountain biking parks and trails in the Eifel or the Palatinate. They reach spectacular speeds on racing bikes in the highlands.
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Wanderer an der Burg Trifels in der Pfalz

Hiking: Hiking in Germany is fun: hiking trails, like the Rheinsteig, offer magnificent views. On well-planned and marked trails in the highlands, hikers can experience nature at its most elemental. A visit to the Rhineland-Palatinate is not complete without a stroll through the vineyards.
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 Blick auf die Marksburg am Romantischen Rhein

IchZeit: A unique combination of nature and fine food and drink, culture and spa tradition allow our visitors to relax and rediscover what is really important. If you no longer know what "slow" means and feel that you are about to overtake yourself, then it's time: Time for you! Take time for yourself! "IchZeit" is a quality mark awarded to accommodation providers in Rhineland-Palatinate. They offer the highest quality wellness, relaxation and fitness holidays.
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