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This site was compiled in accordance with the guidelines on the accessible design of websites set out in the "Accessible IT" directive" (BITV). The applicable internet standards, such as valid (error-free) source code and the separation of content and layout, have been implemented here. This offers as much device-independence as possible for users.

Font size

The size of the font can be adjusted, which means that you can use the magnifier (JavaScript, Button T and T ) or View>>Font size in your browser header to adjust it to your requirements. There is also a print version formatted with CSS.

The magnifier uses cookies. These are small files in which the changes to the type size settings you have made are stored. This means that you do not have to readjust the settings every time. Personal data is not saved. You can use the browser settings to prevent the cookies being stored if you prefer.


You can navigate around the pages with the tab key and the access keys. The tab key moves to the links in logical order; you can select the links specifically with the access keys. Please use the access keys with the keyboard shortcuts set up for your browser:

Internet Explorer:
Alt + Accesskeys + Enter

Ctrl + Alt + Accesskey

Alt + Shift + Accesskey

Shift + ESC + Accesskey + Enter

Access key assignment(keyboard assignment) is shown on the left-hand side at the bottom of each page. On non-graphic browsers, access key 4 is used for theme navigation and access key 8 for start of text.

Filling in forms

The easiest way to move to the input fields is with the tab key.

PDF documents

You need a special program to read PDF documents. This is Adobe Reader and if you have not yet installed it, you can download it here:

These pdf documents are not yet accessible.

We have made ease of access to this website our top priority. If you nevertheless find that access is difficult, please let us know: