Accessible travel in Rhineland-Palatinate

Crickets are singing the grass, the scent of summer lies in the air and you are enjoying a glass of delicious wine from the Palatinate, Rheinhessen or the Ahr region as you take in a breathtaking view. This, or something very similar, is a holiday in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Choice for everyone

Mann im Rollstuhl trinkt Wein mit einer Frau bei schönem Ausblick

The landscape is beguiling in its variety with wooded hills and sweeping meadows, fertile vineyards and romantic river valleys. Rhineland-Palatinate is full of culture and historic monuments and offers excellent paths for walking and cycling. There is much to enjoy with delicious food, outstanding wines and innovative spas.

Enjoyment for everyone

Blinder mit Blindenstock und Begleitung vor einem Restaurant

As many people as possible should be able to enjoy the many and varied charms of this region. There are more and more options for wheelchair-bound holidaymakers and travellers with other disabilities, ranging from accessible hotels to wine-tastings in the darkness of a wine cellar.

Disabled guests and those with impaired sight or hearing, anyone with limited mobility such as the elderly can all benefit, as can families with pushchairs or people with sport injuries.

Accessibility comes gradually

It is not possible for a business, a town or a region to become completely accessible from one day to the next. The process is in full swing in Rhineland-Palatinate. After all, guests need to be sure that the accommodation provided for them in their resort is suitable for their requirements so that they feel welcome and their holiday is restful and stress-free. This website contains information about the facilities for holidaymakers in wheelchairs, about the accessibility of facilities for various groups of guests and the accessible travel philosophy in Rhineland-Palatinate.